All tracking participants IFH and IGP will go to following address: Kreds 70 - Bredstrupvej 56 - 7000 Fredericia. Here the support cars will take the groups to their tracking destination.

At the destination there will be a tracking director responsible for greeting the teammanager and his team. That person will also overlook the draw.


Tracking ground IFH & IGP

Due to the weather in the past year the farmers can’t promise us exactly what the ground will be for tracking until about 2 to 3 weeks before the trial however we are hoping for new sown for both IFH and IGP and if not soil, but please note there are no guarantees at this point!. All fields are of high quality and they are homogeneous whatever the ground will be.

The short notice means that we won’t be able to guarantee that the ground for practicing will be the same as in the IFH and IGP trials. We will do our best to find the match.

In “Kreds 70” it is possible to buy coffee, food, soda etc. and there are lavatory facilities.