All tracking participants IFH and IGP will go to following address: Kreds 70 - Bredstrupvej 56 - 7000 Fredericia. Here the support cars will take the groups to their tracking destination.

At the destination there will be a tracking director responsible for greeting the teammanager and his team. That person will also overlook the draw.

Flag & Articles:

Flag 2

IMG 1407


Tracking ground IGP

All fields are being processed now. Pictures is from today (1st September). Within the next couple of weeks, they are being ploughed, harrowed and sown. Depending on the weather we will have new sawn. However, it will be short and if the weather changes it will be soil/dirt. The fields are long

(1-1½ km long), wide and open. The soil/dirt is clayish.

We will keep you updated with new pictures.

Picture taken 15.09.2019 

IPG3 15.09.2019 Lille

Please see more pictures and short movies on how we start up, turn, lay articles and lay the tracks on Facebook All tracks will be laid according to FCI rules.

In “Kreds 70” there are lavatory facilities.